Laracon EU Amsterdam 2019

August 12, 2019

I'm going to make a talk in Laracon EU Amsterdam this year. The title is "The world is NOT cruddy by design". I wanted to share own opinion about the problems Adam Wathan talked in his "Cruddy by design" talk.

During preparation to this I realized that 20 of 30 mins will be spent for some very abstract thoughts and only little part will be about Adam's ideas.

Description from official site:

Developers like CRUD. All these automatically generated REST controllers, Entity::create($request->all()), simple user interface with entity lists and create/edit forms... However, sometimes it's too hard to describe the project's logic with only 4 verbs. Create/edit forms might be too complex. Actions described with natural non-CRUD verbs can dramatically decrease the complexity of code and UI for some projects.

See you in Laracon :)