Are you sure you write OOP code?

We, PHP developers, proudly tell everybody that we know OOP and write pure OOP-code, but, honestly, more than 95% of Laravel applications code I usually see is procedural!

Laracon EU Amsterdam 2019

I'm going to make a talk in Laracon EU Amsterdam this year. The title is "The world is NOT cruddy by design". I wanted to share own opinion about the problems Adam Wathan talked in his "Cruddy by design" talk.

Laravel caching basics

Caching technique allows to create much more scalable applications by remembering some query results using fast in-memory storage engines. However, incorrectly implemented caching can dramatically reduce application's user experience. This article is about the caching basics, main rules and taboos.

Useful Eloquent Repositories?

Repository pattern might be used partially with Eloquent and be very useful. CQRS, Decorator and other good practices here.

Please, stop talking about Repository pattern with Eloquent

Not every pattern should be implemented in application. Each pattern should be used in right place and time. Trying to use the Repository pattern with Eloquent entities is not a good idea.

"Architecture of complex web applications" book

Book describes the evolution of typical web project architecture, when project grows step by step by making changes in architecture, like moving some parts to own layers, improving error handling and maybe rethinking the ways how to store data.

Are you sure you need entrust or laravel-permission to implement your authorization?

Advantages and disadvantages of using ready laravel packages for authorization.